Minority report in real life?

From Pre-Crime Hits California (by Gary Wisniewski):

Remember how, in Minority Report, people who were about to commit crimes were arrested moments before they did? Well, maybe MySpace is a good substitute for having precogs. Today’s CNN headline “Sex crime suspect nabbed after boys’ Web prank” reveals that a 48-year-old man was arrested in Fontana California after arriving at a park to meet a 15-year-old “girl” fabricated by some boys on MySpace



2 thoughts on “Minority report in real life?

  1. Man, this has been the weirdest of the weirdest! And as the original post says, who’s the victim here? And the man was arrested to have had some thoughts about some girl who never existed, and the boys were allowed to go free for impersonating a girl. Thoughts on a girl who never existed versus impersonation – Did they pick the arrest the correct person? Of course, I’m not saying that they were impersonating someone real, but they did fool around using a different identity…

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