Live Search: Beta, it’s still loading

I don’t know if it Microsoft’s Windows Live Search beta is supposed to work with Firefox, but I tried anyway. When I did, I was made to wait on this page.

Tried reloading with the same result. Clearly, Microsoft will have to do better if they want people to switch from Google. Here are two articles, more in depth than this one, about the new search engine:

Microsoft Windows Live Search beta goes… live (by Jeremy Reimer) and Windows Live: Interesting Twists in Search (by Michael Miller).


3 thoughts on “Live Search: Beta, it’s still loading

  1. I don’t think M$ ever listens to anyone. :-) They have their own theories and policies about everything. All said and done, I’m a hard core M$ user. I use the OS, the software, the development toolkit, and what not. The only M$ thing I don’t use is Internet Explorer… :-P

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