The true Indian American

Susan Stone (Der Spiegel) writes in Indian by Day, American by Night:

Nikki Cooper loves her job. She sells low-price, long-distance phone plans to people in the United States — and she feels like she is really helping people.

Meanwhile, ambitious Osmond is already making a list of the things he would like to buy when he gets rich: first a motorcycle, then a BMW and eventually a villa in faraway Spain. He knows that each Amway product he sells will get him one step closer to realizing his consumer fantasies. …

Nikki, Osmond, and Nicholas epitomize the American spirit — they are hard-working, career obsessed and driven by consumer desires. But in reality, this isn’t how they started life — all have new personas that they have adopted as part of their jobs in India’s call centers.

Interesting read; the article also talks about the new documentary about call centres, John and Jane.


Your thoughts?

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