The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

It’s been a while since I saw The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. Most readers have probably seen it, but I wanted to write about it anyway.

Chronicles is a fun movie, something both children and adults will enjoy. The child-actors in the movie are natural, especially the girl who plays the youngest child. She is adorable. The scenery and the animation/CGI is breathtaking and the story moves along at a nice pace. Good movie, good story, you come out of the theatre feeling satisfied.

There was so much controversy about this movie (at least in the West) about its religious overtones. If you look for religious stuff in the movie, you’ll find it for sure. For my part, I didn’t think it was a Christian movie or anything of the sort. In fact, I thought it was a good ol’ fantasy movie.

Forget that C. S. Lewis was a Christian writer and just go watch the movie–it’s fun.


Your thoughts?

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