Just say NO to auto

I mean no to auto-updates, not auto-drivers, though if you’re in Bangalore, you’ve probably done the latter.

Again, not ALL auto-updates are bad. For example–The anti-virus software auto-updates are good, most of the time. The reason some auto-updates are good is that they give you an option–you can decide when you want to update, and if you don’t want to, you can turn the auto-update off and do a manual check whenever.

The auto-updates that I find annoying are the ones where you don’t get any control over the frequency of the updates.

I may not want my email client to be checking email every three minutes, like Gmail does. Or, I may not want my Web 2.0 application having a relationship with the server without telling me. Hey, it is my data isn’t it? Maybe not all the time, but in some cases.

Would you’d like this page auto-refreshed before you’ve finished reading the content on this page? Probably not, unless I’m giving minute-by-minute updates. And even then, you probably want some semblance of control.

Automatic is good, automatic with control is better.


Your thoughts?

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