I enjoyed derailed when I was watching it in the theatre. After the movie, I realised that the movie was okay but not great. You can wait for the DVD on this one.

Clive Owen plays Charles, a former teacher and current ad guy, who’s married and has a teenage daughter who’s sick. The medical bills are mounting and it’s Charles’ job that enables them to cover the costs. Then Charles meets Lucinda Harris (Anniston) in a train and things get interesting. No plot spoilers here, go to IMDB if you want to read more.

The resolution of the story is something that people who are familiar with the thriller/suspense genre will figure out. On the acting front, I was impressed by Owen and Vincent Cassel, who plays the bad guy.

If you’re going to watch this movie for Jennifer Anniston, don’t; she has a small role. If you like Clive Owen, you’ll probably want to watch the movie.


Your thoughts?

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