Deccan Herald vs. Times of India

When I first came to Bangalore, I started reading the Times of India (TOI), mainly because I didn’t like the way Deccan Herald looked and the couple of times I read it, I didn’t enjoy it all that much. (Memo to newspapers: Looks do matter.) I also tried Asian Age a couple of times and I didn’t like it.

Choosing to read TOI meant that I was reading the real news, like where Brad Pitt was at the moment, or how Brittany Spears was having marital problems, etc.

Finally, after getting having my fill of the tabloid-like news I decided to make a switch to Deccan Herald. They had redesigned the newspaper, though that had nothing to do with my decision. Maybe at a sub-conscious level it had, but I’ll never know.

It was a shock change.

I used to be able to read TOI quite quickly, but with Deccan Herald, I was taking more time reading the newspaper. There was so much news to read and there were opinions, in the centre page. The worst part was the lack of entertainment news as compared to TOI. It took me a few days to adjust to the newspaper–one that actually delivers news instead of advertisements and entertainment.

I’m spending more time reading the newspaper now-a-days and maybe that’s not such a good thing. Better to be entertained right? The other thing is that I don’t miss the other paper, at all. Fact is, I didn’t make the switch earlier.

I don’t know what Deccan Herald’s affiliations are (I can’t make out any) but I enjoy reading this paper and I look forward to it every morning. Plus, it’s got that nemma-Bengalooru feel to it.

If you’re into the whole online reading thing, which is difficult to do in the bathroom, here’s the Deccan Herald website.


5 thoughts on “Deccan Herald vs. Times of India

  1. I still stick with TOI, mainly ‘coz of the gossip, and also the one point I agree with what you’ve written – Ability to scan through the paper quckly… :-)

  2. Deccan is essentiall a Namma Bengaluru paper. And it has Praja Vani as its sister paper.

    Of late, I am finding Vijay Times matching and at times beating Deccan’s coverage, and in opinion.

  3. Yeah, I’ve tried Vijay Times once or twice but the editions that I read weren’t impressive, so I’m sticking to Herald for now. It took me a while to shift from TOI and I guess that may be the case with DH as well :-).

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