I’m blogging at SifyMax and I didn’t know it

Just looked at my stats today and there was a small jump in traffic. Looked at the referrers and I had 45 referrals from this URL:


Thing is that I’ve never heard of this site and I sure as hell don’t blog there, so I clicked the link and went to the site. Interesting. Here’s a snapshot of what I found.

Sify Max, where I blog...apparently

What they’re doing is quite neat actually. They’ve created a page where the content is pulled from this blog exactly like a browser would do it, so they’re not copying the content. At least that’s what I think they’re doing.

You know I can’t let that go, so I (ahem) hack around and I come to the main page, the screenshot of which looks like this–the annotation is mine.

Sify Max -- I'm listed baby

The Eight reasons to stay away does not link to this blog but to the SifyMax site. So, it looks like I’m blogging at SifyMax and I didn’t even know it.

There are a couple of other bloggers too whose content has been “borrowed” or “cached”, so I am not alone.

What I was wondering was this though: Can a site take content from another site and seemingly pass it off as being published there, with no content attribution or without taking permission?

Don’t get me wrong, It’s nice that my post was picked up and that I’m getting read by more than three people. But this doesn’t seem like the regular linking that bloggers do, which is mostly fair. Here there is no reason for anyone to think that this blog is powered by WordPress.com and that it’s got nothing to do with SifyMax.

And why should a provider like Sify use my content without telling me? If they wanted to, they could’ve linked to the article or provided a snippet with a link. Here, they’ve done something different and I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “I’m blogging at SifyMax and I didn’t know it

  1. Okay, I’m new to blogging – green as grass but I do have an opinion on the lack of ethics you have described. This SiftyMax behaviour sucks – give credit where credit is due, I say. Getting permission first would have been cool. Linking to the article would have been okay. IMO what they have done is very much akin to misrepresentative advertising. Pretending you were blogging through SiftyMax instead of through WordPress.com is dishonouarble and dihonest. This behaviour must have been motivated by something, hmmmm? And that motivation doesn’t seem rightoues to me. But then what do I know? Hopefully they won’t find my blog and do this to my articles. Drop in anytime. Cheers, timethief.

  2. Yeah, linking would’ve been fine. Or even quoting a portion with a link, but they did a “clever” thing. I’m not sure if it was a copyright violation and there’s no point in pursuing it. I just wanted to bring people’s attention to the fact that it was happening. Thanks for your thoughts.

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