Innovative Addiction

I noticed some products being sold in the Forum Mall a few days ago and they caught my eye because they looked fancy. Later, I caught the name of the company, Innovative Addiction, and the website, .

Innovative Addiction’s website is neat and showcases interesting products. They write their product descriptions well too, they have a sense of humour. As an example, check out the disclaimer at the bottom of the home page.

Disclaimer : All the products we sell, both on this website and in our catalogue, are rigorously tested for fun factor. Whilst they are definite fun, they are certainly not food, and as such pertty well all of them represent a choking hazard, so please try to stick to the more usual food groups if you’s feeling peckish. Without wishing to labour the point (but manifestly doing so!) none of our toys are meant for children, unless they’re all big and remember, never leave a naked person unattended.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, just go to the website and check out the products. It’s fun.

PS: I’ve not bought anything from them yet and I’ve no affiliations with the company.


5 thoughts on “Innovative Addiction

  1. Been Dealing with these guys for a few months. Not very professional. Run by two brothers out of bangalore. Most stuff is overpriced.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve never bought any of the stuff and the stall in The Forum does not have anyone manning it, the last few times I’ve been there, so I wonder if they’re not doing so well.

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