Reverse outsourcing?

From Opportunity calls in booming Bangalore , an article from CNN about how US grads are coming to work in (gasp) Bangalore:

After graduating from Northwestern University last year, Nate Linkon contemplated job offers in Chicago and New York. But he chose a less conventional path and started his career here, in India’s booming tech capital.

The 22-year-old Milwaukee native works in marketing at Infosys Technologies Ltd., India’s second-largest software exporter.

It’s not all rosy, as this part of the article tells you:

“It’s emotionally exhausting,” said John S. Anderson, 29, a Stanford business school student who returned from India last summer after a year in Bombay helping eBay Inc. integrate employees at a newly acquired Indian firm.

“The poverty that you see at such an in-your-face level, and so much of it, gets really tiring,” Anderson said. “You get up and drive to work in the morning, and every day four little girls come up to you and beg for money.”

Go read the article now.


Your thoughts?

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