14 (plus 3) tips from John Rhodes

John Rhodes, Usability guy? Think again. John posts a list of 17 tips that’ll make you happy, wealthy, and successful in The 14 Tips That Will Make You Happy, Wealthy and Successful .

Here are two for your consumption:

2. Act, don’t plan. This doesn’t mean you should ignore planning. Instead, it simply means that actions move you forward. There is a good reason why the blitzkrieg was so effective. More recently, this has been characterized as ready, fire, aim.

7. Shortcuts are smartcuts. The smartest folks I know use ingenious shortcuts. They cut corners but they don’t violate core principles, personal or universal. They all have complete and total command of their tools. Master tools, methods, and processes. They also utilize the same methods and processes over and over again to cut through the red tape and get to the hard problems. One guy I know can do just about anything with Visio. Another is an Excel and PowerPoint guru.

It’s full of useful information. Read the full post.


Your thoughts?

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