Fire what?

I wanted to read news related to Bangalore, so I went to the websites of Bangalore’s newspapers. When I went to the Asian Age site, I was greeted with this page (screenshot below):

Asian Age on Firefox

Since I can’t install IE on my computer (Linux), I can’t view the site. Not that I would install IE, since I use Firefox and I’m quite happy with it, thank you very much.

Apparently, the people who maintain the website didn’t get the memo about Firefox or browser compatibility. They’re probably just checking for the browser string to identify the browser. Netscape and IE maybe, who knows? Who cares?

The website just lost one potential reader (me) and maybe a bunch of other Firefox users. That’s a loss of what the suits call ‘advertising revenue’.

Their loss, not mine; I’ll find the news somewhere else.


3 thoughts on “Fire what?

  1. I despise websites that require me to use IE. It’s bad enough for them not to be Firefox-compatible, but to require me to use IE takes some cojones. Typically when I run into this, assuming I’m able to at least navigate as far as a contact link, I’ll send an e-mail to the web administrator telling them they’ve just lost a potential customer/reader because of it. Catch the Firefox wave, people, and for pete’s sake let’s not PROMOTE Internet Explorer!

  2. I agree. I can live with non-compatibility as long as I can get to view the site. Even if some plugins don’t work, I’m fine. Being told what browser to use, that I don’t like too much. I think I’ll try writing to the website admins from the next time. If I can get the email that is.

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