Bangalore, the day after

It’s day two of the effect that Dr. Rajkumar’s passing has had on Bangalore. Here goes.

There don’t seem to be too many autos or vehicles on the roads near where I live. The traffic was sparse at best. I saw vehicles with a picture of Dr. Rajkumar on the windshield, presumably to protect them from mobs. One driver was pasting a picture cut from a newspaper.

Shops were starting to close down at about 9 am, those that were actually open–not too many. A couple of news channel spoke about an “unofficial bandh” and one reporter (on CNN IBN) said that shops were closed as a “mark of respect”. Then, she clarified that it may be due to security reasons. I’m thinking it’s more the latter than the former.

Oh, this is the best part. In my area (and I can confirm this in one other place in Bangalore), we’re only “allowed” to watch the news channels and the Kannada channels (Udaya TV I think). No Star, No ESPN, no nothing. Today has been officially dedicated “News day” here in Bangalore. I wonder if this was a unilateral decision on the part of the cable TV operators. It takes you back to the days of national mourning when Doordarshan played classical music through the day.

Another effect of Dr. Rajkumar’s death is that the mobile networks were jammed last night. I’m getting messages now that were sent to me last night. No kidding. I just got three. It was really tough to get through last night though it’s improved considerably this morning.

The newspaper says that it’s likely that the train services will not be affected. That sounds to me like a weather report. I wasn’t able to find too much information about whether public transport and autos will be available. It’s all hearsay at this point.

It’s a good thing that the Internet access has not been shut down.

I just hope that I didn’t jinx it.


6 thoughts on “Bangalore, the day after

  1. you know, it surely is sad to see the way in which life was affected due the death of Rajkumar. No doubt he was a great actor (I’m not sure if it is just for me to call him a great man because I did not know him personally nor did I hear of him working for the public apart from providing them entertainment), but the way in which the bangalore public has handeled his death is pathetic, deplorable and one should never condone such cowardly and rowdy behavior. Gone are the days when there used to be peaceful demonstrations of mourning the death of a near and dear one. I am appalled to see the way in which people have elevated Rajkumar to the status of God and worship him as though he was always there to grant someone their wishes. If people really want someone to worship then do so to Mahatma Gandhi or Sardar Vallabhai Patel or Bhagat Singh. But equating Rajkumar to God is simply pathetic. The scene in Bangalore yesterday spoke of the kind of education that the masses have. My heart goes out to the families who lost their dear ones in the riots, especially to the family of the police. While there is nothing much that anyone can do to bring the perpetrators to justice in the aftermath, I sincerely hope the government will be better prepared for anything out of the ordinary that could happen in future.

  2. In reply to dark angel.
    Well I need not give any counter argument to whatever u hav written. But we kannadigas have kept quite for a long period. I feel you are one of many ignorant people there in bangalore who is a non kannadiga who just do not want to get to know the local culture, people, etc.

    Violence in any case is not justified and people who have done it must be condemned. you have got our facts wrong by saying uneducated masses of bangalore, but we are the most cultured, educated people who built great kingdoms and still are building great intellectual hubs and probably this could not have been done without the help and support of the same masses.

    If you want to have a serious discussion on this we can do it on any forum.

  3. I also aggre with kannada kuvara. Its people like drak angles who wants to enjoy the good part of bangalore without giving a damn care about local culture. It is highly objectionable statement to make about education of masses, we are most peace loving people because of that reason only you are there in bangalore than in home town.

  4. why are these self styled champions of kannada acting like complete idiots?rajkumar was an actor and however great he may have been as an actor, he was not God. it reflects very poorly on the thought process of these people who have elevated a human being to the status of God. and pray, where does culture come into this equation? if the kannadiga culture is limited to idolizing an actor to the heights of collective madness, then all i can feel is sorry for the kannadigas and their kannada culture!!grow up all you kannada fanatics…there is more to life than rioting and creating mayhem for the sake of one human being who was an actor. this linguistic fanaticism is what drove me out of bangalore.all this talk of bangalore being cosmopolitan turns to crap when you see the antics of the kannada fanatics!!

  5. i do not agree with whatever the dark angel has to say.

    Why in India the films are so popular. For any class of life film is one of few entertainment that people would afford. The 3 hours of time they spend let’s them to forget everything and enjoy. His movies speaks more ethics & values to the mankind. that in itself is a contribution.

    Me as a fan, if that day i was to pay homage, and if someone tryied to stop i would be aggitated. The action of aggitation defers from person to person. I would not surely have behaved like the one’s , whom we saw. I strongly feel there was no proper planning , from the planning commission. They changed the decision as swiftly as possible. which resulted in lathicharge, tear gas, firing. which inturn has yielded result which we all know was devastation.


  6. Dr. Rajkumar passed away of a natural cause. I don’t know why some dummies need to pelt stones, burn vehicles, close the shops, blah blah. Either way, I got a long break, and am thankful for the same.. :-)
    BTW, look @ that stat counter man.. Awesome!! Congratulations..

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