Dumb questions, pesky reporters

The news channels in India have been falling over each other to give us updates about Pramod Mahajan’s condition. The channels keep updating their news bar (whatever you call that thing at the bottom) every few minutes. The Hoot takes apart the coverage in Those Dumb Questions:

A man is fighting for his life, but that doesn’t stop him becoming fodder for the soundbite brigade. The coverage of Pramod Mahajan being shot by his brother Pravin provided ample examples of the typical senselessness of questions being asked by television news reporters and some wonderful examples of their being snubbed.

That was the introduction to the piece, here’s a snip.

Another reporter asked, “what made Pravin shoot his elder brother. “I never said he shot. Did I say that?” the lawyer, who had constantly been saying “whatever would have happened” (wahan jo bhi hua hoga). But the cake was taken by a reporter who asked the lawyer about the exact sequence of events that led to the shooting and afterwards. “I don’t know. I wasn’t there when it happened. I was at home, sleeping,” was the lawyer’s deadpan reply.



5 thoughts on “Dumb questions, pesky reporters

  1. The media’s obsessions is inexplicable. He wasnt/isnt PM material, isnt the leader of the opposition, heck isnt even a darned hot-chick.
    Cant understand why they have to show me the same old images again and again and again. (reminds me of the coverage during Dr. Rajkumar’s funeral – the same old piece of violence on loop for 24 hours. Sick!)

    They just cant come up with news to fill 24 hours, I guess? This when there’s SO much newsworthy going on all around.

  2. When I was posting this, I remembered that Doordarshan used to shut down for the night, a long time back. I think it was 11.00 pm. They’d be back only at 6.00 am the next morning. I almost long for those days.

    News is a lucrative business because of the advertising. So, I guess it makes good business sense to recycle content till it’s beaten to death.

    The newsworthy content isn’t “interesting” enough for viewers I am sure, and that must not make advertisers happy–it’s all about the ratings.

    The news guys are betting that you’d rather see Salman Khan getting out of jail rather than farmer suicides in Vidharba. Katrina Kaif is more glamorous than a farmer’s wife anyway.

  3. Hmm. Reminds me of another interview that I saw on some news channel – this one was with Kapil Dev. When asked for comments on How India should prepare, his opinion on chucking, and something else that I can’t recollect right now, he answered beautifully. For the first question – They know what to do and how to prepare. I am not even in the game. how can I comment on the issue? Second – ICC should know what to do and what not to do. What is there to talk about it?
    I burst into applause after hearing him speak out. :-)

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