The end of Premier…postponed

I wrote about Premier a few weeks ago. I went there last week, because it was close to the end of April and I wanted to visit one last time, if the bookstore would no longer exist.

The good news is that Premier is going to exist. I asked Mr. Shanbagh and he said that the store would remain in the current location for a month or two. About a new location he said that he’d not yet made up his mind on where to go, but that he had one or two options. I felt like dancing when I heard the news but thankfully for everyone, I didn’t.

I still feel sad that the bookstore will have to move from its fantastic, current location of Church street, but this is better than no bookstore at all.

PS: In a somewhat related note, another second-hand bookstore has cropped up on Church street. Thi’s one’s closer to St. Mark’s road and a stone’s throw away from Premier, depending on your arm strength and the size, weight of the stone.


3 thoughts on “The end of Premier…postponed

  1. That’s bad. What’s happening to Book stores around MG Road Area? Anyway, you should probably check out Blossom’s or Bookworm. BTW, bookworm has shifted their shop to a lane off Brigade Road, near Shoetrack..

  2. Blossom’s is good, Bookworm is good too, but they’re not Premier and they never will be. Blossom’s great for second-hand books but for the sheer fun of interacting with Mr. Shanbhag, Premier knocks out everyone. :-)

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