Web-based backups

Jeremy Wright reviews some of the web-based backup solutions in Web-based Backup Solutions: Which One Is Right for You?:

This article examines two aspects to online backups. The first are “traditional” backup solutions brought to the online world. These solutions enable users to back up specific files or their entire hard drives to online services. The second is a growing tendency by users to put a staggering amount of information “in the cloud.” Information such as bookmarks (del.icio.us), photos (Flickr), and email (Gmail) are discussed.

In fact, many smart users are turning to a balance between the two worlds: keeping backups of their daily information such as email and bookmarks on Gmail and delicious while backing up their hard drives in case of catastrophic events. This balance enables users to be both mobile and confident that they will never again lose a major presentation just because their two-year-old thought their laptop was thirsty.

It’s a well-written article, worth a look.


2 thoughts on “Web-based backups

  1. You’re right to an extent. A combo approach is fine for storing your emails and less important documents. But what about critical data sitting on your PC?

    I think it’s better to rely on trusted services like IBackup to backup your data. Besides backing up and restoring your data, IBackup for Windows lets you schedule these processes very easily.

    You can map your online account as a local drive on your PC and work on the contents in it as if you are working on them directly. For this you need to download an application IDrive from the IBackup site.

    If you download Webmanager, a browser-based application, you can create folders, webload, rename, delete and share files or folders with others for collaborative access. With the Snapshots feature in IBackup, you can restore up to previous 10 days of backup without having to pay for extra space.

    So IBackup has several such features for safe and secure backup and storage of data. Try it.

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