Should Buddhia run?

Should Mozart have been allowed to compose at such an early age? Should Sachin Tendulkar have been allowed to play cricket for India at age 16 or whenever? Should Pele have played in the World Cup when he was just 17? Should children be allowed to ‘act’ in advertisements?

Maybe the kid is special. Maybe he’s going to be the Lance Armstrong of running. I don’t know and neither does anyone else it seems. The issue has become politicised and then there’s the wierd logic that people seem to be using–children normally don’t do these things. Yes, and they told Roger Bannister that a 4-minute mile couldn’t be done. Granted that he wasn’t a child, but you get my drift.

And, as the point was made in one of the TV shows, if this was a famous (read: rich) industralist’s son, we’d all be applauding the parents.

I feel for Buddhia and if I were in charge, I’d get a sponsor and send him abroad to get tested by doctors who won’t feel the heat of the media or the public. I’d also ask the child about what he wants to do. Then, I’d make a decision on whether to let Buddhia run. But, I’m not in charge, so I write.

PS: Hey, if every child in India, got even one-tenth of the attention this child is getting, we’d be a better country.


3 thoughts on “Should Buddhia run?

  1. Agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts. Indians do have the “Indian Crab” mentality….. I believe Indian Crabs can be put in a basket without a lid, if any crab tries to get out others pull it down. Instead of enabling we prevent… every where be it business policies, taxation, politics, reservations, whatever.

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