Duh Vinci Code

It stinks.

Not the movie, because we haven’t watched it in India, save for the censors and some priests.

What stinks is the kind of reaction a movie is getting from Catholic/Christian organisations out here. The “protect minorities” card was played by one priest on CNN IBN. The “assault on our religion” card has been played, virtually all the cards have been played.

What is it with movies and India? There was the movie about the Mumbai riots that wasn’t allowed to be released, even though the book was published and available. Deepa Mehta couldn’t film Water for reasons known to everyone, so she filmed in Sri Lanka. Now, it’s Da Vinci Code’s turn to face the music. The amount of press and the amount of time wasted on this movie surely can’t be worth it, but let’s not even go there.

Even people who hadn’t heard of DVC would now have heard of it and would want to watch the movie. Good publicity. And, after all the viewing, meetings, when the religious peoples demanded a disclaimer, Sony Entertainment Pictures refused. Like I said, Duh Vinci Code.

My solution to all of this is simple. Ask the ticket person in the theatre to go up to the stage before the movie and announce in at least three [1] languages, “This movie is NOT fact. It is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to a religion known as Christianity or any derivative is purely for economic reasons.” This will also help those who can’t read disclaimers.

I still can’t understand one thing though. What is it with Tom Hanks’ hair?

[1]: In Bangalore, you’d want to announce this in Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam. Telugu, if possible.


3 thoughts on “Duh Vinci Code

  1. Yeah, I agree. :-)
    This gives the movie more publicity and exposure. If they’d been silent, most people would have dismissed it as just another English movie. Anyway, I’m really worried to go and watch the movie in the theater. Never know what could happen…

  2. Nothing will happen if you go and watch the movie, if it is released that is. I don’t think the protestors will turn violent. Plus, the movie’s going to get an A rating anyway.

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