Travelling by bus? Hold it

The bus ride from Bangalore to Hyderabad takes anywhere between eight to ten hours, depending on your luck. Bus journeys used to be a not-so-pleasant experience earlier but now with the air-conditioned coaches from Volvo (yes, that Volvo), it’s relatively comfortable.

Except for one part–you’ve got to hold it. See, buses here are not equipped with ‘restrooms’ or whatever they call it in your part of the world. If you have a small bladder, drank lots of beer, or have a bad stomach, you’ve had it.

Some buses do stop for dinner, but the restrooms in those areas are not what you’d call clean. You can go, but somewhere near trees. Since it’s a night journey, darkness is a helpful cover. Buses also stop for refueling but that’s usually in the middle of the night and you miss the opportunity if you sleep through the stop.

I don’t get why buses can’t be equipped with toilets. If you can use one when you’re flying, or when you travel by trains, what’s the deal with buses?

If you can fix a bus with an AC and a super comfy suspension, reclining seats, then surely a toilet should be do-able. India has a pretty decent space programme & nuclear weapons, a toilet on a bus isn’t one-tenth as complicated.

Or maybe it is. This fusion-fission stuff must be pretty simple.


4 thoughts on “Travelling by bus? Hold it

  1. The thing is that some buses are not supposed to be used for long distances. The ones, which are, have built-in toilets.

    Also, it is generally accepted that if the bus doesn’t have a toilet, there should be stops every 3-4 hours or so just for that. It may depend on the driver if it is not generally accepted, though.

  2. Yeah, if they are not supposed to be used for long distances that’s fine. However, the buses I am talking about are primarily used for overnight trips and the trips are usually 8 hours or longer. Sigh.

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