Kulfi in Bangalore

It’s creamy, the sweetness is just right, it’s full of flavour, and it’s not so expensive, not for Bangalore anyway. If you haven’t been to the Bowring kulfi stall on St. Mark’s road, you should go.

You get different flavours of kulfi and while I can’t remember which ones I’ve tried, all of them have been good, so it doesn’t matter. The price, ranging from Rs. 16 to Rs. 20 is quite reasonable. They do sell other stuff but I’ve never ventured to try anything else because the kulfi’s so good.

They’ll even pack it for you, if you want to carry kulfis home, with pellets of ice so your kulfi won’t melt. Neato.

The kulfi stall is on St. Mark’s road, in the same premises as the big petrol bunk next to Koshy’s. If you like kulfis and you haven’t been here, you’re missing something.

— 05-May-2013: Edited to add —

I’ve not been to this place for the longest time. The last time that I had visited was a few years ago and after eating the kulfi there me and another person both got sore throats the next day. That ended my trysts with this kulfi place. I have, in the intervening years, tried the kulfi from Bombay Chowpatty Kulfi and I must say that the kulfi is really special. See the comments for more information. I will have to write about this sometime in the future.


8 thoughts on “Kulfi in Bangalore

  1. Am actually thinking of getting it for my office people.. :-)
    Maybe on some special day, just go there, get a box of Kulfi’s and treat everyone..

  2. If u want the best kulfi in bangalore thn…Try the kulfis at mosque road, Frazer town…The name of the place is BOMBAY CHOWPATY KULFI…i assure u ,u/ll love it as it is natural …made of fresh fruits available in season…no artificial flavouring…

  3. “The best authentic kulfi in town”

    Being from Bombay i was missing authentic bombay kulfi here in bangalore,the kulfis served in icecream joints were just not the right kulfi.But Bombay Chowpaty Kulfi has kept upto its name.They serve 16 different flavours of kulfi and all are the best.The Owner Mr. Ahmed is himself from Bombay as well as his staff & they have brought to Bangalore the authentic kulfi from Bombay.They manufacture it here taking care of hygiene as well as giving original taste without adding any artificial flavour.Seasonal fruit kulfis are only available during the season of particular fruit used.The kulfis are served with falooda ( vermicelli as known in bangalore).Matka kulfi is served in small earthen pots unlike others who give in plastic pots.They even serve faloodas of different flavours.
    Believe me this place is worth a try & i bet u’ll love the kulfis & falooda !!!!!

  4. I think I should make a New Year’s resolution to go visit this place, since it does seem to have a fan following. Unfortunately, I seem to rarely go that side of town, so when I’m there I should make it a point to go. In 2007 it will be done.

  5. I want to buy matka.s for kulfi please let me know where i can get them i need 400 hundred i leave in canada.

  6. You might want to check with the kulfi shop I mentioned and in one of the markets, like Russel market in Shivajinagar or Majestic. I’m not too sure how you’d transport 400 matkas (made of clay I’m assuming) to Canada though.

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