The noise culture

What is it with loudspeakers at most public celebrations in India?

We had one near where I live yesterday–loud music, the bass was thumping, so you could hear the stuff through the walls. The ground near my place is small, yet multiple speakers were used, big ones too, the kind that you see in small-scale rock concerts.

In addition, PA speakers were tied to the electricity poles to provide surround sound. It was an explosion of noise from about 9 in the morning till 9 at night. When I went to the neighbourhood grocery store in the night, I had to yell to the guy in the store to be heard–it was that loud. Like, I said, rock concert-ish.

There’s a police station less than a hundred yards from the ground. The ground is in a primarily residential area. How did they get permission? Did they get permission?

I’m okay with celebrations, but I am not okay with causing inconvenience to hundreds of people for an extended period. Even then, why does it have to be so loud that even closing doors and windows makes it impossible to cut out the sound?


Irritating isn’t it?


5 thoughts on “The noise culture

  1. Who seeks Permissions here? I lived through one of this last night myself. Noise wasn’t the only problem they created. They blocked half the road (one way traffic), and setup their tent there causing traffic jams around the place. Causing inconvenience to public is like a habit, the thing is most of the times, they dont realize they are doing something wrong. Its an “education and awareness” problem more than just bad eggs around.

  2. Yeah, I know this stuff.. Come celebrations, out goes sleep. I actually had to go and get a pair of ear-plugs to help me sleep – in the night!!!

  3. Oh, your one was worse–at least this didn’t block traffic because it was in a playground. But, I don’t know what effect it had with “dignitaries” attending the function. Maybe a public interest litigation is the order of the day.

  4. That I know about but how often is it implemented. And even then, there should be a upper limit on the decibel level, especially in a residential area. No such thing–it was really loud.

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