What my UPS doesn't tell me

Power cuts do happen in India from time to time, so if you own a computer, you need a UPS . I have one and it works pretty well, except for one problem–I can’t tell how much time I have left when the power goes off.

The manual says approximately 20 minutes (or 25 minutes) but that’s not too helpful. And the word approximately is not reassuring. Plus, when the power goes off, I’m not scrambling to check out the clock and to compute when my screen will go blank on me. So, usually, I end up switching off my computer within 15 minutes of the power going off because I’d rather not risk hard disk problems.

My UPS gives out a warning signal when the power goes off–two long beeps, which are helpful and annoying at the same time. The UPS has three outlets for a modem, a data point (?), and a wall outlet. It looks sleek too.

So why not provide me a simple readout of the amount of juice left in the battery? I’d love a digital display, but even an display that uses bulb-like LEDs would be so helpful. And, what a neat feature it’d be to go one-up on the competition.

Really, if you’re a product company, start thinking about the user, a.k.a me.


4 thoughts on “What my UPS doesn't tell me

  1. Apologies, guess they’ve discontinued the product. The ones with the LED’s – Have seen a lot of them used in my father’s office.

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