Games to watch at World Cup 2006

This are the games that I think will be good. You will of course be watching other matches too but these I think would be worth checking out. I’ve organized these by dates, so if you want the complete schedule, you can check out BBC or Yahoo .

9 June: Germany vs. Costa Rica: The first game of the world cup, so you have to watch this, if only to get into the excitement. Also, with Germany’s recent great form (not) there’ll be huge pressure on the hosts.

10 June: Argentina v Ivory Coast: The first match of the group of death, with ever hopeful Argentina against the dangerous Ivory Coastians (?). Will the Toure brothers, Drogba, and Eboue lead Ivory Coast to an upset win?

12 June: USA v Czech Republic: Is this the real group of death? Maybe this match, of the two top five teams in the world, will settle that debate.

13 June: France v Switzerland: Will the French show us their 1998 form or will it be the 2002 debacle?

13 June: Brazil v Croatia: Ah, the world champions play for the first time, gotta watch that.

14 June: Spain v Ukraine: Pernennial underachievers Spain take on Shevchenko’s boys. Will Chelsea’s new signing settle scores for that disallowed goal against Barcalona?

16 June: Holland v Ivory Coast: Will Van Niistelroy, Van Persie, and Robben lift the 3rd ranked Dutch over the Africans?

17 June: Italy v USA: Scandal in club football in Italy, the world’s superpower’s football team is ranked above the Italians. Ouch. Will the US add insult to more insult?

20 June: Sweden v England: The last game of the group for both teams. Will England feature Rooney or will Gerrard be their saviour? And what about Henrik Larsson? He set up two for Barca against Arsenal. Can he do it again for Sweden?

21 June: Portugal v Mexico: Can Ronaldo and company sail into the second round with a win against the 4th ranked Mexicans?

21 June: Holland v Argentina: I’m thinking that there’ll be a few cards in this one, maybe a red or two. There’ll also be some attractive football for sure.

22 June: Czech Republic v Italy: You’ve got to love matchups like these.

If you can watch all the matches, then all power to you. If not, mark your calenders with these and other matches that you’re interested in, and watch. Don’t miss the World Cup, because it’s an event like no other.

The entire planet will be watching; you should watch too.


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