World Cup 2006: Interesting Already

Germany 4 – Costa Rica 2
The win was not a shocker but the number of goals scored were. And Torsten Frings’ goal was superb, as was the first goal. Swerve on the ball or skill of the player? Read this piece to decide.

Back to the game, and my thoughts about Germany’s scorers was totally off–obviously they can score and I can’t predict anything. Their defence didn’t look very good though. If you play the offside trap the way they did, look out for goal feasts against Poland and Equador. The other parts of the German game looked good enough but with this kind of defence, it’s hard to see them win the World Cup. Outscoring people maybe, but not every team is Costa Rica.

Equador 2 – Poland 0
I didn’t watch this game, so I don’t have much to say. I did see the goals and the goal from the long throw-in should’ve been defended better. Poland was unlucky too with the two shots hitting the posts. Great scalp by Equador and this throws the group wide open now.

Quite a nice start to the World Cup.

The one not-so-nice thing was the world cup coverage from ESPN; they used Harsha Bhogle as the anchor. What happened to John Dykes, Andrew Leci, or that guy who hosts Football Crazy? Any of them beat Harsha hands down.

And Harsha didn’t seem like he was comfortable being there–at least with cricket he knows something. Football, it didn’t look like he did. And the other Indian guy, I don’t know why they had to have him there, he didn’t offer anything great and wasn’t polished. Just stick with the EPL experts please ESPN. There are so many of them that are good.

Till ESPN listens to me, I have more of the pre-game shows to tolerate.


2 thoughts on “World Cup 2006: Interesting Already

  1. i completely agree with your concern. harsha is just no match for john dykes or leci. everybody should do what suits them the best. it is not fair on espn’s part to give harsha the job when there are more deserving people. i don’t see the advantage of seeing football world cup06 on espn, especially when they are giving same quality of analysis as ten sports.

  2. Yeah, I think he’s no match but he has improved over the last couple of days. I think he’s been much better than the first day. The other chap wasn’t too good at all. About Ten Sports, we get cricket out here in India on Ten, so that option isn’t available.

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