Not a dull day by any means

Switzerland are looking on course to qualify with a 2 – 0 win over Togo. It won’t be easy against the gritty
South Koreans but the Swiss have not allowed a goal in their two matches here. The group’s still open for everyone except the threatening-to-boycott Togo team.

Ukraine was impressive in its 4 – 0 demolition of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis started with a five man midfield and a lone striker, which the ESPN experts did not like much, since it was a negative tactic. Once Ukraine scored early and then started piling on the goals, it was over. Shevchenko scored and set up one unselfishly by drawing defenders, so watch out for the Ukrainians. They should’ve scored about eight goals but ended up with (only?) four.

The one match that I didn’t watch turned out to be the best match of the day. Raul saved Spain from the blushes after they went down 1-0 to Tunisia. Fabregas, who also came on with Raul in the second half, was fabulous and the pass to set up Torres was just brilliant. Arsenal are lucky to have a kid like this who’ll only get better with experience. Spain is a dangerous team because of their bench strength and attacking options. They have shown character to come back from 1-0 down to win 3-1. It’s good, because we’ll see more of Super-Cesc.

PS: Didn’t watch too much of the games last night, so this is a shorter report.


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