The Mumbai aftermath

The bomb blasts were such a tragedy–so many lives lost, so many people injured. This whole terrorism thing pisses me off. And, terrorism is not mindlessr–the whole point of terrorism is to make people afraid and to use ordinary citizens to achieve political (or otherwise) objectives. (I didn’t say that, Bruce Schneier, a security expert, did in his book Beyond Fear; I’m just paraphrasing.)

The important thing is not to have the usual knee-jerk reactions but to figure out the holes in the anti-terrorism strategy. The first thing everyone thinks of is to bomb the crap out of the terrorists hideouts etc., but that may be counter productive in the longer run. And it may lead to a war; you don’t want to start wars, ask the US.

How did the terrorists get in? There was a report in the paper that infiltrations have been on the rise–apparently the border patrol found barbed wires cut or something. Well, duh. Can’t we train some satellite to pick up infra-red images or use hi-tech cameras and patrol the damn border with some high tech stuff instead of barbed wire? Electrified fences? Motion detectors? Yeah, I know the cost factor comes into play but how expensive is it to have one such terrorist attack disrupt a city.

And, how do the terrorists get explosives? One report said that you can get gelatin sticks from tribals on the outskirts of Mumbai–they’re apparently used in quarrying. I’ve mentioned this before–we need to figure out how the weapons are available so easily to terrorists, or other criminals. What about better bomb-detection technology?

Also, we seriously need training on is emergencies–it’s a tragedy if you send people to different hospitals and have relatives scrambling all over the place to figure out which hospitals they’ve gone to. Imagine the stress and the anxiety. We need more trained emergency staff all over the country to move injured people and we need better co-ordination.

In another related news story, the Indian government seems to have incurred the wrath of bloggers because it’s blocked the Blogspot domain. My first reaction was, use a proxy server and that’s what’s suggested here .

I don’t want to get into this whole censorship thing, so that’s all I have to say about that.

PS: There’s a two minute silence this evening (at 6:25 pm) for the victims of the blast.

PPS: It’s not 7/11, it’s 11/7 if it must be anything. We don’t follow the American date system here. Or you can call it 11th July. Since this whole 9/11 (11/9) thing, the media seems to be date-crazy.


3 thoughts on “The Mumbai aftermath

  1. What happened was really tragic. God alone knows what is the permanant solution to the problem. One has to look into both the short term and long term solutions. Maybe you would like to have a look here – Stray thoughts

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