A delectable Goan dessert

Goa is more known for its beaches and its food, and less for its desserts. There are a few Goan sweets that are uniquely Goan, but you’ll find some variant in other coastal regions I think. There is one dessert that I discovered (for myself that is) recently that I’ve not found anywhere–it’s called Bebinca (or Bibinca) and it’s delicious. I’m called it BB for the purpose of this post.

BB is apparently a cake that has seven layers. It looks like a cross between a layered cake (without icing), a halwa-type sweet, and tastes nothing like either. It’s mildly sweet and delicious, and doesn’t ooze ghee like halwa-sweets. It’s not a classic dessert but you should try it the next time you’re in Goa. I can’t remember having eaten BB before but enjoyed it this time around.

One place that you’ll get BB is in Panjim–there’s a place called Mr. Baker, where they sell the stuff by the kilo and pack . It’s a nice place where you sit and munch on guava cheese (I need another post for that) and other baked goods.

Oh yeah, and do check out the beaches too.


4 thoughts on “A delectable Goan dessert

  1. Thanks for the information. I was not aware though I have gone to Goa twice. In normal circumstances, I would have said that the way you have referred sweets and beaches is like the tail wagging the dog. However the sweet must be delicious for you to mention beaches so sparingly.

  2. oh, yeah! bebinca is delicious.. n i have had many other goan desserts too. there is one more dessert which uses cashews as main ingredient, i forgot the name now. n those home-made fruit jams, absolutely wonderful!!

  3. Hiren: The point of the post was to talk about the dessert and not the beaches, hence the sparing mention.

    Shrilatha: Not sure about what the names of the desserts are and I’ve not tried the home-made jams, maybe next time.

  4. Dear Ms.Puthi,

    Seems like you are referring to “Marzipans” that’s one dessert we use cashews as the main ing.Awaiting your response.


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