Walk the talk by writing it down

You’re on the phone with Bob and you tell him, I’ll email that report to you in ten minutes. Let’s say that you get another phone call a minute later and you forget about the promise you made to Bob. Bob calls up half an hour later, kinda pissed, wondering why you didn’t send him the email.

Why didn’t you do it? Because you didn’t put a reminder down in a trusted place, somewhere other than your mind. So, more often than not, you forget the promise you made and that will cause you embarrassment, extra work, or make you feel like a doofus.

If you’re savvy, you’ll put a reminder right away into a trusted system–your diary, PDA, mobile phone, whatever. Then, you won’t forget and your mind won’t have to be occupied with wondering about what you forgot. Instead, you’ll be on top of things.

This method is so simple and yet so effective, you have to try it to believe it. So, I’ll stop the hype and let you get stuff done.

PS: Why didn’t I write about this earlier? I didn’t put it anywhere but my head and in there, sometimes things take a while to show up.


2 thoughts on “Walk the talk by writing it down

  1. I agree.. I normally carry a pocket book around into which I note down (most, but not all) things. If it’s a meeting or a to-do, I set up a reminder on my mobile.. Check my calendar on the mobile and you’ll know I’m speaking the truth… :-)

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