Pirates of the Caribbean – Part Deux

Everyone’s back for the sequel. The bad guys have some awesome/yucky make up depending on how you like creepy kind of characters. This movie is about the promise which Captain Jack Sparrow made to Davy Jones (he of Davy Jones’ Locker) and what follows. For more on the story, go to the IMDB review

The story’s funny, the dialogue’s funny, and Johnny Depp is fantastic. The movie’s crisp and fun, just like the first part. The exception was that the ending left me a tad disappointed. You felt that they were leading up to the next part and that didn’t leave a smooth after-taste, like the first movie did. Other than that I have no complaints.

Maybe just one then. I watched the movie in Symphony and the audio went off several times (NO audio) and a couple of times you had to have super-hearing to hear the dialogues.


Your thoughts?

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