I’m reviewing a Hindi movie for a change. The movie’s based on Shakespeare’s Othello, so it’s not exactly Bollywood stuff. There are the song and dance routines though, so you’ll feel reassured that you’re watching a Hindi movie.

You will be able to follow the movie even if you haven’t read Othello (I hadn’t). The story unfolds nicely and the tension remains through the movie, making it interesting to watch.

Saif Ali Khan is magnificent as Langda and Konkona Sen Sharma is brilliant as his wife. She really is a superb actress and if she were in Hollywood, she’d be getting Oscar attention.

Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu do well in their respective roles, while Viveik Oberoi isn’t so great. Ajay Devgan grows weary as the movie progresses because we don’t see much from him in terms of a range of emotions. (So, you didn’t want a technical review, but that’s what I’ve got.)

The only problem I had with the movie were the songs–they broke up the flow of the movie and interrupted the nice tension in the story. If I watched the movie on DVD, I would’ve fast forwarded the songs. But, that’s just me.

Otherwise, Omkara’s a pretty decent movie to watch.


Your thoughts?

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