These women of doubtful character

One woman was a call centre employee, the other an air hostess or whatever the PC term for them is now-a-days. Both were supposedly “friendly with men” or “had quite a few male friends”. Friend as in wink wink, ‘He’s just a friend.’

Both women were murdered by their respective boyfriends. The newspapers reported “insane fit of rage” alongside the news that one woman had “entertained” men at her flat and that the other liked to “go out with male friends”.

While newspapers did not write that because they were women of doubtful character (for lack of a better phrase) they were murdered, you couldn’t help wondering why the papers put the information in. (Lurid stuff sells maybe?)

And, what does going out with men or having male friends have to do with anything? If a man is insanely jealous, he’ll be pissed if a woman talked to another man–it’s a different degree of possessiveness we’re talking about, but that’s what it is in the end. Whether the women liked to go out with men or whether they didn’t doesn’t excuse what happened to them.

Getting killed sucks, if you don’t mind me saying.


2 thoughts on “These women of doubtful character

  1. Sucks all right but with the kind of exposure TV is giving these days, what do you exect? That sucks too- what you have said is going to be the rule rather than the exception of the 21st century.

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