Signing out… twice

There’s something about Yahoo! Mail (YM) that’s been bugging me for a long time. When you sign out of YM, you encounter the following message: ‘You have successfully closed your mailbox‘.

You are also asked to click a hyperlink called Sign out completely to ‘exit all Yahoo! services‘.

Why? It’s not because I’ve signed in to different services on Yahoo, I sign in using the Yahoo! Mail page. There’s no need to ask me to sign out of services that I have not signed in to explicitly. And, it’s not convenient for me to access other Yahoo services because I have to enter my password again anyway.

Two clicks are irritating when most web-based mail services (or other services) require a single click to logout. Plus, when you logout you’re taken to the Yahoo! page, even if you logged in from the YM login page. You need to click another hyperlink to login.

Yahoo! offers loads of services and they have a re-designed page. I get that. I also like using Yahoo! Mail for the most part.

I just wish they’d make signing out simpler.


5 thoughts on “Signing out… twice

  1. Hmm..It’s been ages since I actually used the web-based interface to check my Yahoo mails. Yeah, I know that Yahoo! offers POP3 services for a price. But there’s a free POP3 to HTTP converter (YPOPs!) that will do the trick. I get all my Yahoo mails on my eMail client. :-) No problem of signing out.

  2. one more such thing in yahoo page is: there is ‘remember my ID on this computer’ option. but even if u check that option, the ID won’t be remembered. may be it is high security measure of yahoo, which makes users to enter thier id everytime they log in. but then why keep that option in the page which is not working?

  3. Ah, I don’t use the POP3 service, so I can’t use the option you use. :)

    Shrilatha: About the ‘Remember my ID option’ it is possible that the cookies are being deleted after you exit, in which case the option probably won’t work.

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