Soon we’ll see nude flights

The list of what you can carry on a flight just got shorter. You can’t take liquid on the plane now, which means you’ll have to empty your bladder before you board the aircraft.

I think you can wear clothes though that may go soon when the terrorists discover how to ‘seamlessly integrate’ explosives into cloth. The word is out that cavity searches may soon become the norm on pre-flight checks.

Terrorism is getting on my nerves–it’s really affecting the way we live. You even can’t see people off at airports now-a-days. And, the pre-flight delays are getting longer. If you take the total time to fly into account, it’s probably getting longer.

I know the threat of terrorist strikes looms but I think in the long run better detection and effective intelligence mechanisms will help more than blanket bans that affect everyday travellers.


3 thoughts on “Soon we’ll see nude flights

  1. You should have come down to my place, and seen the security there.. I was freaked out.. Man, they drove me crazy.. I saw a complete war zone @ my hometown.. Anti-Aircraft Guns, Tanks (!!), Sten Guns, Rifles, you name it, I saw it.. Well, I guess I’l write about it sometime..

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