How do you devour feeds?

I tried a few feed readers (Google Reader, My Yahoo, Thunderbird, Bloglines, Rojo, and a few others) and then settled on Bloglines. Why? It was simple, reliable, and didn’t have too much clutter and fancy features.

Over the last few days though, I’ve been missing feeds. Sometimes, the feeds show up but when I want to read a blog, nothing shows up. It’s gotten annoying to the point where I’ve started using Rojo as well. I’ll do a comparison and then decide if I want to shift.

Bloglines is still my favourite RSS reader, so I hope the problems are fixed.


2 thoughts on “How do you devour feeds?

  1. I took to Bloglines after I read about it on your blog. I’m quite happy with the service. The only thing I’m not happy about is when all the feeds are cleared off when I mark them as read.

  2. You can save the feed items for later (I can’t remember the option) viewing in Bloglines, so that might be helpful.

    I still seem to be having trouble with some missing feeds. Maybe it’s a feed problem.

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