A False Sense of Insecurity?

An interesting article titled Terrorism: A False Sense of Insecurity? by Gary Moskowitz, WireTap. Posted August 21, 2006. Here are a couple of excerpts:

…lightning strikes, accidents caused by deer and allergic reactions to peanuts have killed more Americans than terrorism has. And, the number of U.S. citizens that drown in bathtubs each year is more than those who die annually worldwide because of terrorism.

WT: You’ve referred to the “endless yammering” of news media about terrorism. What did you think about mainstream news coverage of what happened at London’s airport two weeks ago?

JM: The day it happened, people were talking about explosives and the plot all day long, which is all very helpful, but nobody talks about how much it’s costing the U.S. to do all the counter terrorism things we do. They jump from one story to the next and provide constant coverage on a main event for a couple of days, but there’s not enough follow-up. There’s an absence of facts about how much terrorism actually kills.

WT: What are a few things you propose people do differently?

JM: People should focus on risk assessment and communication. Yes, terrorists can strike at any time, but people should know that their chances of actually being killed by a terrorist are very small. It’s like getting killed by an asteroid. I’m not trying to downplay the tragedies that occur because of terrorism, but there are facts that people should be aware of.

It’s an interesting article-interview because the piece talks about things we don’t normally hear from the media.


Your thoughts?

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