Boo hoo, I’m not getting the respect…

If I could thwack Ashley Cole (of England and soon not-to-be of Arsenal fame) on the head, I would. The guy earns in a week what most of us don’t make in a year. He still went ahead and had an illegal contact with Chelsea when he was under contract with Arsenal.

Now, a long saga has kept him in the news (probably so his book can be sold) and out of the Arsenal team. As most Arsenal fans will tell you, they used to love Cole, but now they hate his guts because of all the stuff he’s said and done.

He’s said stuff about the club not giving him respect or some such thing. My advice: Go see a psychologist Ashley, he’ll work out some of your self-esteem issues. I don’t get why players want respect from “the club” or “their teammates” or whoever. Just play the game, give it your full effort and you’ll be appreciated.

Can’t players see how lucky they are to be playing football as a way to make a living? I can think of worse jobs. And, the money. What is it about the money? How much can you make? How much is enough? If someone got a new contract that pays him more does that mean he’s a better player? Does it matter that you make 5.5 million and he makes 6.5 million?

What is this tendency to compare and claim that you’re being underpaid? The people who work in sweatshops, in hot kitchens washing dishes, they’re underpaid. Players who play football for a living in leagues like the English Premier League, the La Liga, the Bundesliga, etc., they are so lucky to be doing what they love.

I think that some players forget that and they forget where they came from. It seems like Ashley Cole did too.


Your thoughts?

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