Should doping be allowed in sport?

Now, it’s Justin Gatlin who’s been banned for a doping violation. Another athlete probably gone. So many sports have been tainted by drug scandals, it’s getting ridiculous.

Maybe the answer is to allow performance-enhancing drugs. Give them to everyone so the playing field is level. Or, give athletes the option to decide if they want to take the drugs or not.

Not exactly the perfect solution but the current system isn’t working all that great now is it? Athletes claim that they didn’t know that what they ate contained some banned substance. It’s hard to keep track of what you’re eating. What if some guy decides to spike your ice-cream with some banned substance?

Furthermore, the testing will always be unable to detect the latest ‘substances’. Instead, stop testing, stop wasting money and let people go ahead and do what they want.

Yeah, it’s an unfair advantage for some people but sport isn’t exactly fair is it? The type of equipment you use, the training you get from coaches, the amount of money you have at your disposal (sponsorship or otherwise), etc. play a huge part in the success of a sportsperson. So. it’s never a level playing field.

I don’t know. Whatever the solution is, it must bring the focus back to the sport.


Your thoughts?

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