Why can't everything work like this?

Since I spend a lot of time complaining (this is a PG-13 blog or I would’ve used stronger words) about features, I thought a post about a couple of things that I find useful in the technology that I use. In no particular order, here goes.

Gmail has a recent feature, which is simple and elegant. If you have Spam and want to delete all the spam messages, there’s a hyperlink that says, Delete all spam messages or something to that effect. One click and poof–the spam is gone. There’s no need to select all the messages and click the Delete button. I almost look forward to deleting spam now.

The email provider Fastmail has a neat feature for certain actions like deleting an email or moving it to a folder. You can do either action and specify whether you want to move to the previous or next email in your Inbox (or whichever folder you’re in). In most web-based email that I’ve used, clicking the Delete button usually takes you back to the Inbox. And, if you’re moving an email you have no control over where you’ll be taken.

My Nokia cell phone (1100) has a neat feature which allows you to turn on a small flashlight/torch, which gives a decent amount of light. It’s extremely useful when you have power cuts and can’t find the matches or if you want to read something in the dark.

Th…Th…That’s all folks.


4 thoughts on “Why can't everything work like this?

  1. Yahoo! Mail has had that “Empty” hyperlink next to “Bulk Mail” folder for as long as I can remember having used it, much before GMail came out. :-) I’ve never used Fastmail, but whatever you’ve written can be done with Yahoo! Mail as well. They couldn’t market it as well as GMail did it.

    About the torch thing on your phone, that’s a neat feature to have. I get the feeling that Nokia had the phone custom made for India, where power cuts are plenty.

  2. Oh yeah, my bad; the feature does exist in Yahoo! I don’t think you can do the Fastmail thing in Yahoo though–you don’t have a choice about where you land. And, the phone, well that was the ‘truck driver’ phone that Nokia had advertised.

  3. Yes, you can do the Fastmail thing in Yahoo! I’ve done it. I’d configured Yahoo! to show the inbox each time I moved a mail to a folder, or deleted it. I remember seeing the option as to where I need to be placed aftter I delete a mail. What the heck! Now-a-days, I use a HTTP to POP3 converter and get all my Yahoo! mails on my eMail client. If interested, try YPOPs!

  4. I think I didn’t make myself clear earlier. In Fastmail, you can decide if you want to move to the Previous message or the Next message (or the folder) from the email that you’re either deleting or moving.

    In Yahoo, the options available are:
    Go to the next message afterwards
    Go back to the original folder afterwards

    (I copied this from the General Preferences section of the Yahoo Mail Options.)

    And, you can choose one of these options, not both. You can’t go to the previous message.

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