Why traffic is the way it is

Earlier everyone blamed the auto drivers. They still do, but now you can add the call-centre vehicle drivers to the list. You can also add taxi/cab drivers to the list. And pizza delivery guys and food delivery guys.

Actually, anyone for whom transportation is a business or a core part of the business, they’re likely to drive rashly. If the pizza delivery guy doesn’t deliver within a certain time, the customer gets the pizza free or the customer is pissed. Either way, the pizza company loses money. So, there’s pressure to get there on time.

Cab companies also work the same way. There are people requesting cabs and there’s the next pickup that your cab driver has to make, after he drops you off. He can’t afford to be late.

Call centre drivers have to pick up employees from different places. If they’re late in delivering those employees to work, the employees complain and the guy is out of a job. Pressure to be on time.

So, in each situation, there’s a temptation to jump the signal, cut across people, and to speed. Add to this the number of people driving to work or wherever in their cars and bikes. Some of them like to cut corners (no pun intended). Then, there are the BMTC bus drivers who have to make their schedules. There are school buses too, picking up and dropping off children.

If that wasn’t complicated, there are construction zones where the roads are narrow or where the roads are not roads anymore. Then, consider roads where you suddenly find stretches where there are more potholes than road. If you want to save your vehicle, you have to go slow and the traffic slows down. There are roads where you have to navigate around the divider-stones, which are placed in strategic positions to cause accidents slow traffic.

Add road parking to the mix, and you’ve got less road for your vehicles. There’s already less road with pedestrians walking on roads because the footpath is encroached or walker-unfriendly (that’s a topic I’m not going to touch now) or just for the heck of it.

Then there’s unauthorised stopping of vehicles, which is common in shopping areas. Two minutes to pick up someone from in front of the store or wherever and that throws off traffic, even if it’s temporary.

Sorry I have to end abruptly, I’m parked on the road and I can hear a lot of honking.


3 thoughts on “Why traffic is the way it is

  1. Now there’s a separate lane for Autos on a few “wide” roads. I hardly see any autos on them. They still continue to occupy the other lanes. Anyway, I’m done complaining about traffic. It’s something that may probably never improve, especially here..

  2. Seperate lanes and on our roads. Oh yeah! it can understand what u mean? Seperate the lanes and bifurcate the gains. is that u mean? There are no gains, only pains. And when it rains, there are no lanes, it is a free for all like in a bull ring.

    when u drive on our roads, do so with as u like and u want in imperious style. seperate lanes are not for driving, but for digging and piling heap of muds.

    God save our cities for they are always seperate from world class cities abroad.

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