Who designs traffic signals?

In Bangalore traffic signals are everywhere. I don’t mean that we have too many signals; we do and that’s a topic for another blog. I mean that if you are going through an intersection (junction), you just cannot be sure where the signal is placed.

Some are placed on the top, some on the left side, some on the right, and sometimes where the intersecting roads are not perpendicular to each other, you have to search for the signals.

What’s worse, sometimes branches of trees block the signals, so you can see the signals only if you’re close to the intersection. All this makes for exciting riding, if you like close shaves or near-death experiences.

If I were asked to design a traffic signals, I’d make sure that all the signals were placed at a consistent spot, so it didn’t take you rocket science to figure out where to find the signal. I’d also make sure that the signals could be seen from a reasonable distance away.

Is that too much to ask?


Your thoughts?

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