Infosys has a blog

It’s called Think Flat and “they” tell you why it’s called Think Flat here . It started in July but I guess I’m one of the late-finder-comers. I only found out about it because of Neha .

It looks like a community blog because Nandan (last name Nilekani) has posted there and there’s someone called Richa Govil who seems to be (or not to be) the main blogger there. George Eby Mathew, Head of Infosys Solutions Consulting, Canada, is also a guest blogger there. Disclaimer: I know not any of these people.

The “World is Flat” metaphor is being beaten (flattened) to death on this blog but it’s early days yet, so be patient. That means me.

And, our closing thought for the day is, “How many Infoscions does it take to create a blog?”


3 thoughts on “Infosys has a blog

  1. Maybe I should consider getting a job @ Infosys.. That way, I’d be blogging for a living. :-)

    Wait a minute.. Is this something that the employees do when they are free or are they paid to do this?

  2. They are beating the “world is flat” thing to death – and if you really look at it, it does not even mean anything. Unlike any other meaningful corporate slogan, “flat world” does not bring up any positive image to your mind – it does not connote any positive business value. Ridiculous, if you ask me.

    I mean, this lady is a PhD from Berkeley, and you would hope that she would have better common sense, but alas, it does not come out of her blogs.

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