I'm helping Yahoo fight spam

I’m catching up on some emailing today and after every message (pretty much) I get this message: “To finish sending this message and help us fight spam, please enter the character string as it is shown in the box below.”

As I’ve written before , sometimes you can get the word wrong. And, it gets tiresome to do this after every email.

If you ask, ‘Why do I have to do this?’, Yahoo says, “This step helps Yahoo! prevent spammers from using Yahoo! Mail, and helps to ensure that your email will be delivered.”

I’d really like to help but I’ve never spammed anybody in my life. Why am I being penalised because a bunch of idiots use Yahoo to send spam? Also, how is this going to prevent Spam Joe, who is a human being, from spamming you and me?

Finally, in my multi-tasking mode, I was sending another email, I got this message now from Yahoo: ”
Error #12: Character String Verification Error
You need to pass the verification test to send any more email.
Your message has not been sent and will not be saved.”

Fantastic. I just lost a legitimate message.

Why has the burden of preventing spammers shifted to you and me?


5 thoughts on “I'm helping Yahoo fight spam

  1. Everytime one of our employees want to send an e-mail he is asked to write a character string? can u please help on how to resolve that?

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