Customer service that isn't

I gave a mobile phone (Sony Ericsson) for repair last week in Bangalore. The lady who took the mobile phone told me that I should call her the next day. I did. She checked the computer and told me that the service centre was still working on the phone.

Call back in the afternoon, she said. I did. She asked me to call back the next day.

Next day, she said that she’d get back to me the day after. I gave her an alternate number. No calls for the next three days. I tried calling the number, I’d get a busy signal or the phone would keep ringing without any response.

Even when the lady came on the line, and I mentioned that the phones were ringing or that it was difficult to get through, she didn’t pay attention. As you can tell, this wasn’t the best customer experience. Yes, the mobile phone was repaired and now works, but I spent a great deal of time following up on something that didn’t need so much following up.

I can think of many reasons why the customer service wasn’t up to the mark. Too many customers, understaffed receptionists, etc. But, as a customer, I would have felt empathy if the company’s employees made me aware of the problems rather than cut me out. Instead, I’m annoyed.

I’m not saying treat the customer as king, but don’t treat him (or her) like pond scum either. Don’t they teach this at customer service school?

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3 thoughts on “Customer service that isn't

  1. Hmm.. Nothing personal against Sony Ericsson, but you arent’ the first person who’s complaining about their customer service. A good product line backed by bad service reps – Every customer’s nightmare..

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