Woo hoo, 11th in the world

India is 11th among all the nations in the world in hockey. You may not choose to look at it that way, but what other way can you look at it and not feel dismayed?

For starters, it’s better than football isn’t it? We’re some 173rd or whatever according to the FIFA rankings. Surprisingly, there are teams that are worse than us. Take that Tajakejamujakistan.

And, it’s better than cricket, where you don’t even have a third and fourth place playoff. Note to ICC: More games means more money.

Back to hockey and we failed to get the wooden spoon , which would’ve given us something to bring back home and use to knock Mr. Gill (motto: Keep Firing Coaches) senseless.

It was our first win of the tournament and we beat the mighty South Africans 1 – 0. Japan beat Argentina and is placed 9th, higher than us. Did you even know that they played hockey in Japan? Me neither.

Maybe we can get a Japanese coach or something.


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