Rojo, with more mojo

I visited Rojo today and was surprised by the new look. For starters, the user interface has been de-cluttered [1].

Earlier, there was too much information on the Rojo page, after you logged in. Now, there’s a lot of white space, the fonts are bigger, and it’s easier on the eyes. Let me understate this–it’s a huge improvement.

It also seems like they’ve simplified the features and that the interface responds faster [2]. There’s a count for unread items in individual blogs, something that I can’t say I noticed before. Maybe it was there and lost in the clutter–I don’t know.

I like the changes that Rojo has made. Will I make the switch from Bloglines to Rojo? Not yet, but I’ll be visiting the Rojo site more often and if I continue to like the experience, I’ll move.

I wonder if the Rojo designers read this article from Signal vs. Noise.

PS: I did notice a couple of annoyances but I’ll let them go… for now.

[1] — I don’t know if there’s such a word, but maybe they’ll add it to the next version of the Oxford English Dictionary and I’ll be famous.

[2] — I say seems like because I don’t have the old Rojo as a reference, so I’m doing this from memory.


Your thoughts?

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