Woz in his own words

Steve Wozniak’s book “iWoz” is out this week and CNN.com has an article about it. From ‘iWoz’ — Apple co-founder tells his story:

Wozniak, variously known as “Woz” and the “Wizard of Woz,” put together circuit boards for what would be called the Apple I, and Jobs sold them for $500 each to a new computer store, the Byte Shop in Mountain View, California.

“There are stories that Steve (Jobs) and I engineered those first computers together,” he writes. “I did them alone.”

By 1977, the pair had introduced the Apple II, still recognizable as a personal computer even today, and sold 2 million by the time it was superseded by the Macintosh.

As Apple grew into a huge company, Wozniak shunned management positions and worked in a cubicle alongside other engineers, even though he was a co-founder.

I’m looking forward to reading the book when it comes to India,


Your thoughts?

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