Bloglines, with a few changes

If you use Bloglines , you may have noticed that the left-pane updates are not so “jerky” (Web 1.0-ish?) anymore and the updates feels smoother (Web 2.0-ish?). It’s almost not noticeable, which suits me fine.

Here’s the news from the unicorn’s mouth:

The Wizard Behind the Curtains

You might have noticed a few fancy little changes we’ve made to your feed tree on the left pane today. You’ll like them even more when you learn what’s behind the scenes!

* We no longer update the entire left pane when the unread or “kept as new” counts change. Now the counts update in place with a fading yellow indicator. The result is a faster, more pleasant way to cruise through your feeds, especially for those quick on the hotkeys.
* We’ve decreased the time between automatic updates to your unread counts so you don’t have to press the “r” hotkey quite so often.

We hope you enjoy the changes. As always, if you have any feedback, feel free to let us know either via our contact form or by putting up a blog post containing the phrase “bloglines freedbacking”.

Oh, and the problems I’d noticed with Bloglines earlier, they’ve kinda disappeared. Woo hoo.


2 thoughts on “Bloglines, with a few changes

  1. I enjoy the new left pane updates but for one thing – the blogs that I have a “keep new” article in are no longer bold. :/ Sometimes I don’t have time to read all the new posts and so use this wonderful option, but now when I glance at the sidebar it isn’t readily apparent if I’ve missed anything or not. A waste of only a few seconds to read of course, but it’d be wonderful if you could tweak it for me. :) Thanks for all your hard work!

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