Good communication skills

Or ‘Excellent communication skills’.

You see these phrases a lot on resumes (and on job advertisements), but what do the phrases tell you? Nobody’s going to write on their resume, Okay communication skills. No, they’ll write Good, or Excellent or use some other equivalent.

Sometimes, there is the need to be brief, but most often, it’s a choice to use a phrase that’s tried and trusted, instead of questioning the phrase or using something else. What else can you use? Is it possible to quantify ‘communication skill’?

Maybe not. It’s not like typing, where you can measure words per minute. But, it is something that you can show: through your resume, or at the interview (when you speak AND when you listen), or when you speak over the phone with the recruiter.

I think that it’s better to show that you communicate well rather than just saying, I’m a good communicator. The latter is easier, the former takes hard work. However, it’ll get your point across better than any phrase can.

If that’s not good communication, I don’t know what is.


Your thoughts?

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