Search, desi style was in the news today, because they got venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital and I think they launched recently or something. They’re a website that searches for content related to India.

Here’s an excerpt from the site: is the first crawler based search engine for India and India related content. Our proprietary algorithm automatically identifies India related content on the web and organizes it in such a way that you get the most relevant results fast.

The piece I saw (on TV) spoke about the difference in search results when you type Crackers in Guruji and Google, the former giving you a first result which is related to Diwali.

Yes, that’s true but you get a lot of other results in Guruji and you get a Cracker-related (the ones you can burst) result in the top ten in Google too. This is not a review of Guruji, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Go try Guruji and make up your own mind.


Your thoughts?

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