Education, the non-mainstream way

Wouldn’t you like to have studied in a school like this?:

The atmosphere at Bandhyali is relaxed and the children seem comfortable and at peace with their surroundings. Unlike their counterparts at what are called mainstream schools, their behaviour does not change in the presence of a teacher, who is treated more as a friend than as an authority figure.

They do not lower their decibel levels just because a teacher has walked in, they make themselves comfortable on the floor where they sit and learn and they clarify their doubts with each other and the teacher. Most noticeably — and refreshingly so — there is no sense of fear among the children, either of provoking a teacher’s anger or of punishment.

As Nazreen, clad in a faded blue T-shirt and jeans, manages to explain in between deciding whether to trade the big fat dictionary she’s holding for a smaller pocket-sized one, “I like this school because the teachers don’t scream or shout at us. If we don’t understand something, then they help us understand.”

An educative and interesting piece titled Not by mainstream schools alone by Deepa A, a freelance journalist, for India Together.


One thought on “Education, the non-mainstream way

  1. Reminds you of what the brilliant intellectual, J.Krishnamurthy said about having small schools to enable the teacher to give more and better personal attention to students.

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